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Behavior of water droplets caused Surface Tension

The property of surface of liquid and body contraction is the surface tension definition. When an external force applied by a liquid surface on a body, it become resists the body, it is the definition of surface tension. 

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The surface tensions define their attribute as force per unit length and for surface energy; it shows as energy per unit area. The force applied by surface as behaviors of same molecules caused by cohesive forces, it is define what is surface tension of water. The insects walk on water due to cohesive force called insect strider. Insect’s body weight is distributed on their legs, due to external force of water they can float on water easily. 

The surface tension of water definition explains by example of shape of water droplets. When water drip from tap, they are not flowing as stream; they are dip drop by drop. There droplets shape is not completely spherical. The drop dip due to gravitational force and surface tension, their shape become semi-spherical because of mass of liquid. When in rainy season a water drops fall on leaves or waxy area, then shape of droplets become almost spherical because due to less surface area then volume. When glass of wine shows drop as merging of surface of water and alcohol, it is what causes surface tension. When a glass of water filled with water, the contradiction between the liquid and air particles or contact of water with solid particles like water with boundary of glass then due to surface tension its shape behave like up or down waves. It shows convex or concave shape and it is called meniscus.Bubbles of soap have very large area because they have less surface tension. They have very low mass body.

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When surface between two liquid bodies like oil and water merge, it behaves like thin elastic sheet. This property is called interface tension. When a needle is falling into water, the density of needle and those objects whose density is high than density of water is always apply force on water. Because of force of gravity the object completely merged into water. The surface tension define as surface force per unit length. The surface tension is measured as newton per meter. Surface Tension is denoted by Gamma. The same molecular particles of object pulled out the other molecules and rest of the other by cohesive forces.