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Bernoulli's Principle

Daniel Bernoulli was a Swiss scientist who studied properties of fluids. According to Bernoulli’s principle, any moving fluid, including both gases and liquids, that is moving at high speed will feel drop in pressure.

IN other words, we can say that pressure of moving fluids decreases with its increasing speed. Hence if a fluid is moving, its pressure at different points will depend on its speed. The points having the higher speed of fluid will serve as lower pressure areas while those with lower speed will act as higher pressure areas.Bernoulli EffectBernoulli effect can be explained by the mechanism that makes helicopters and planes fly. When a plane starts to fly, shape of its wings causes air particles, present above it, to travel more as compare to those present beneath the wings. 

This difference produces more air pressure beneath the wings as compare to its upper surface. This air pressure pushes the wings in upward direction and produces a lift.Now let’s discuss the conditions that affect the amount of lift. Speed of plane is the first condition. The faster the plane moves, the more the air is made to travel above and beneath the wings and the more the pressure difference, the more the lift.Density of air is second condition. 

The more the density of air, the more the lift is produced. This is the reason why planes fly better in winters. The reason is that the colder air is denser than the hotter one.Bernoullis Principle Bernoulli’s principle deals with moving fluids. Here fluid includes both gasses and liquids. According to the principle, points in a moving fluid having higher speed of fluid serve as lower pressure areas. Hence with increasing speed, there is a decrease in pressure.Bernoulli’s principle can be explained by taking example of planes. 

The Bernoulli’s effect makes the planes and other aircrafts to fly. The shape of their wings is designed in such a way that causes more movement in air particles present at it upper surface as compare to those present at lower surface. As we know that moving air has less pressure, the wings feel higher air pressure beneath them. This higher air pressure creates a lift and makes the plane to fly.Similarly, the high speed cars are designed in a way that they have higher air pressure area at their top. This makes them to move on ground only and prevent their flying.