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Define Impulse

Let’s take an example to understand what impulse is. Suppose a player hits a ball. The ball gains momentum which means that it is on move and needs some force to stop it. Likewise all the object that have gained momentum need some external force to stop them. 

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The applied force should be against the momentum of the moving object to stop it. Hence this force will change the momentum of the moving object or we can say that any unbalanced external force serves to accelerate a moving object. It can either speed it up or slow it down. According to Newton’s second law of motion, average force can be expressed as below:F average="m" * aaverageAs we know that a="??v/??t"Hence F average="m" ??v/??tOr F average* ??t= m *??vAccording to above equation, product of average force and time is equal to product of mass and change in velocity. 

The product of average force and time is known as impulse and that of mass and velocity change is known as change in momentum. Hence Impulse is product of average force and time and it is defined as change in momentum of a moving object. Hydrometer Temperature CorrectionThe hydrometer temperature correction is represented by the table which gives the density of water relative to the temperature. This density is corrected against the density at the temperature 59F. 

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Digital HydrometerThe hydrometer is the device to measure the specific gravity of the liquids. The specific gravity is the ratio of the density of the liquid to that of density of water. The digital hydrometer is the instrument with higher precision which is used to measure the specific gravity of liquid which have density close to that of water.Impulse UnitsAs we know that impulse is product of average force and time. 

Hence it is expressed asImpulse = F average ??tHence it is a vector quantity that can be fully expressed by using both magnitude and direction. Unit of impulse is Kg m/s. Definition of ImpulseImpulse is defined as vector quantity that is measurement of product of average forces and the time taken it their exertion. Formula of DensityDensity is defined as measurement of object present in a given area or space. Density formula is given as below: Density="mass/volume"According to gas equation PV="nRT"Hence V="nRT/P"BY putting this value of “V” in density equation, we get: Density="MP/RT"Here M="mass" P="Pressure" R="universal" gar constant T="temperature."