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Definition of Temperature Scale

Temperature is defined as the measure of average heat. On the other hand it is defined as the thermal energy of the particles in a substance. Temperature is independent of the number of particles or size and shape of the object. 

 The water boiling temperature is same for all type of containers.Temperature Scale Definition:Temperature:By adding or removing heat the temperature of a substance can be increased or decreased.Thermometer: The device which is used to define the measure of temperature of an object is Thermometer. 

 Temperature scale:There are two types of scales are used to define the temperature scale.Celsius scaleKelvin scaleDefintion of Celsius Scale in Temperature Scale:Celsius scale:The Celsius scale was discovered by Andrews Celsius at 1743. This Celsius scale is to define the measure of temperature. In this scale the lowest fixed point is the freezing temperature of pure substance. The upper fixed point is the boiling point of water. 

The interval is divided into 100 divisions all are at equal distance. Every division being denoted as one degree Celsius(0C).The Celsius scale is also called as centigrade scale because the range of temperature is divided into 100 equal divisions.Defintion of Kelvin Scale in Temperature Scale:Kelvin scale:Another type of scale which is used to define the measure of temperature is Kelvin scale. The Kelvin scale is also known as absolute scale of temperature. 

The lowest fixed point is taken from the lowest temperature to which a substance to be cooled such as -273.150C.As a substance is cooled continuously causes the decrease of temperature. But there is a limit to the lowest temperature to which a substance to be cooled.Absolute zero:In the Kelvin scale, the lowest possible temperature is taken as zero. This temperature is called as absolute zero.At the point absolute zero there is no molecular motion and there is no heat energy. At absolute zero all atomic and molecular motions stop. Hence the absolute zero is the lowest possible temperature which is denoted by 0K or -273.150C.Kelvin scale(K): Celsius Scale (0C) + 273Celsius scale(0C): Kelvin Scale(K) - 273In this kelvin scale the freezing point of water is 273 K and the boiling point of water is 373 K. In this scale the division is divided into 100 equal divisions.absolute zero