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Electricity and Magnetism

Biot Savart S LawBiot Savart’s law is applied to calculate the magnetic field produced due to current flow in a conductor material. 

According to this law, magnitude of the Magnetism field in at a certain point driven by small current isOr Here I="current" flowing through the element dl="length" of the elementlorentz force actuatorLorentz force refers to the force in an electrical current carrier that is placed in a magnetic field. In order to acutate an element according to Lorentz force, it should be electrical conductor to allow the electric current to flow through it. 

For example to acutate an electrically conductive vibrating string, it is placed between two permanent magnets. The force on the string is expressed as F="LAI" X BHere B="magnetic" field LA="Lorentz" force I="electric" current flowing through the string. mutual inductance equationMutual inductance is the process of production of electromotive force in a coil due to change in current in the coupled coil. Let’s suppose that two long solenoid are wrapped on each other. 

Here l="length" of solenoid r="common" radius N1="turn" per unit of the bottom coil I1="current" flowing through bottom coil N2="turn" per unit of the top coil I2="current" flowing through top coilThen magnetic flux of each turn of top coil M2="µ0" N1 I1pr2And total flux or mutual inductance through top coil is M="vL1L2"Here L1="self" inductance through bottom coilAnd L2 =self inductance through top coilInduction Coil HeatingThe process of heating an electrically conductive material using alternative magnetic field is known as induction heating. 

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It is a non-contact process of heating that use high frequency electricity to heat the material. Induction heating includes a work coil to induce alternating current in it using high frequency electricity. This induced alternating current is then used to produce quickly changing magnetic field within the space in the work coil. The object or work-piece that is to be heated is then placed under this alternating magnetic field. When placed within the alternating magnetic field, a current flow is induced in the work-piece. These currents are eddy current that flow in small circles. 

Electromagnetism ExperimentsThe electromagnetism experiments are concerned with creation of an electromagnet. For the purpose a loop of wire is wrapped around a metal or iron nail to make an electromagnet and then current is passed through it. Induction Heating MachineInduction heating machine includes a work coil in which magnetic field is induced using high frequency electricity. This induced magnetic field is then used to heat the work piece placed within the field.