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Energy Absorption Coefficient

The energy absorption coefficient is generally related with the mass of the substance thus sometimes it is pronounced as the mass energy absorption coefficient. Generally energy absorption coefficient measures the amount of energy stored or absorbed by a particular substance or body. 

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If we talk about the black bodies then we must say that the energy absorption coefficient of black body is much larger to any other body as it absorbs all kind of energy completely.A Detailed Explanation of Energy Absorption CoefficientThe energy absorption coefficient can be correspondingly defined in terms of the collision kerma (K), and its stochastic precursor, the net energy transferred. 

The energy absorption coefficient of a material for uncharged ionizing particles is the product of the mass energy transfer coefficient and (1 - g) where g is the amount of the energy of secondary charged particles which is lost to bremsstrahlung in the material.Example of Energy Absorption CoefficientEnergy absorptionFig.1 The graph showing the behavior of energy absorption coefficient for Gamma rays. 

the energy absorption coefficient behavior of the Gamma rays observed by different researchers because energy absorption coefficient is one of the best measure of the behavior of any bdy to see at what energy level does a particular body can work. There are some indications that newer or more distant measurements might have lower reported background values overall than older or more proximal measurements. 

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This possible trend should be considered in comparisons of measured to calculated values at longer distances and could benefit from further investigation. The atomic bomb gamma-ray doses at a ground distance more than about 1.5 km from the hypocenters in both cities were approximately on the same order as background, and therefore the measured net doses are strongly affected by the error in estimated background doses.