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Explanation of Ventilator Process

 When heat is absorbed in reaction then it is define as positive enthlpy. In reaction when output obtained by absorbing heat then it show positive enthlpy. When heat is released in reaction then it is defined as Negative Enthalpy. 

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In winter a heater is used and it is released energy or heat from heater and it is example of negative enthlpy and in summer a cooler is used and cold energy is exhaust from system and it is example of positive enthlpy. The energy rotating in wheel means moving a wheel of reactor and energy input in system and energy released from system is called Enthalpy Wheel. The energy depends on monsoon, in winter the air moves from sea and exhaust in atmosphere. 

In summer the air moves from sun and exhaust in atmosphere. In both condition they also return in same place with rotating in enthlpy wheel. Enthlpy wheel is formed of porous material and it is made up of shape of disc or wheel. It increased surface area as pressure increases from wheel. It has best example of ventilator, by using ventilator the energy or heat is input in system and exhaust energy from it also. When we use air stream and vapors then when in wheel vapors rotate then against a cold air it condensed and in reverse condition water converted into vapors or evaporates. 

The living example of enthlpy wheel is ventilator of bathroom and air conditioner rooms. A mole of substance change with respect to energy absorbed and released and its temperature and pressure affects then it is defined as Standard Enthalpy Change. Enthlpy is depends on pressure and temperature and its reaction process by using atmospheric pressure or air and by changing its temperature conditionally. 

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Change in Enthalpy Formula depends on reference substance and its substance of carbon has less enthlpy and we can calculate enthlpy of substance by using reference of substance of carbon. Graphite and Carbon are mainly two example of carbon exhauster. They have lot of difference in their enthlpy and change in enthlpy formation is zero. When a solvent is mixed into solution then this process is called hydration. Enthalpy of Hydration is defined as when a salt is mixed into large amount of water then size of ions is increased and weight of the solution is increased and energy is released or absorbed in the reaction.