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Incident Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is nothing but the energy possess by any body due to its motion. When we talk about the incident kinetic energy then it indirectly means to the kinetic energy of any body or particle which is incident on some other body or particle. In the most of the old calculations results obtained are different fom the orignal or existing results because at that time the incident kinetic energy of the body is not taken into account. 

Now the question arises is what basically the incident kinetic energy and how does the behaviour of a body is affected by it.Application of Incident Kinetic Energy: 

Incident kinetic energy can be roughly defined as the energy possess by an particle before anycollision with the other particle. Or it is also be defined as the amount of workdone by a body or particle to get its initial velocity such that it can be incidented on any other particle or body.

Incident kinetic energy changes the mechanics of a system completely. If we take into account the incident kinetic energy the we must say that the body have some initial speed or motion which cannot be neglected during calculations and this quantity either it is small or comparably large can affects the final motion of the body or final condition of the system. 

Example of Incident Kinetic Energy: 

One of the suitable example of the incident kinetic energy system is the photoelectric effect in which the photons having some initial kinetic energy are incident on the surface of the metal and eject a electron from the surface of the metal. The intial kinetic energy is the incident kinetic energy of the photon because it is incident.Another example of incident kinetic energy is compton effect in this effect a photon with some initial velocity is collide with an electron, thus the initial kinetic energy arises due to its initial motion is nothig but the incident kinetic energy of the photon.