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Magnetic Induction Unit

The Austrian scientist Nikola Tesla discovered the phenomenon of magnetic induction. He lived from 1856 to 1943. He introduced the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction in early 20th century. By birth, Nikola Tesla was Austrian but after that, he became an American citizen. The unit to measure the magnetic induction is Tesla. The unit Tesla was named in the honor of Nikola Tesla. Magnetic 


Induction Unit 

As we know that, the unit of magnetic induction is Tesla. The other unit of magnetic induction is Gauss. One Tesla = 10000 Gauss. To find the direction of magnetic field induction we can use Fleming’s left hand rule and right hand screw rule.1 Tesla = 1 weber per square metre = 1 Newton second per coulomb metre. 

Definition of Magnetic Induction UnitAccording to the formula of magnetic field, the magnetic force F = q v B Sin `theta` , where q is the charge of the particle entering in the magnetic field, v is the velocity of the charge particle, B is the magnetic field and `theta` be the angle between velocity of the charge particle and the magnetic field. So,B = F / q v Sin `theta`, here if we consider that the charge moving in the magnetic field is 1 coulomb, the velocity of charge particle is 1 metre per second, the angle between the magnetic field and velocity of the charge particle is 90° and the force acting on the charge particle is 1 Newton, thenB = 1 / 1× 1×1 = 1 

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TeslaThus, the magnetic field induction at a point is said to be one tesla if a charge of one coulomb while moving at right angle to a magnetic field, with a velocity of 1 metre per second experiences a force of one Newton at that point.Hence, 1 Tesla = 1 newton / 1 Coulomb × 1 metre per second= 1 Newton / 1 Ampere second × 1 metre per second= 1 Newton per Ampere metreThe CGS electromagnetic unit of magnetic field induction is gauss.