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Metal Oxide

The burning of metals with oxygen form metal oxide in which oxygen shows the oxidation number -2 and metals can show variable valency.

The IUPAC proposed a stoichiometric nomenclature for metal oxides. There is one more nomenclature method for naming of these compounds called as Stock´s nomenclature. Generally this nomenclature is used when there are metallic atoms while the stoichiometric nomenclature is used for non-metals. 

In any of these compounds; the oxidation number of oxygen is –2 and by using this we can deduce the oxidation number of the metal as the compound is neutral. Let’s determine the oxidation number of the metal. First multiply the oxidation number of oxygen (–2) by its subscript and change the sign of the result. Now divide this result by the subscript of the metal which gives the oxidation number of the metal. We have to use the Roman number to express the oxidation number of metal. 

In Stock´s nomenclature the name of these compounds is composed of two words. The first word denotes the metals name with oxidation number of metal in brackets and in Roman numbers. For metals with invariable oxidation number, it’s not necessary to denote the oxidation number but the variable oxidation state must be written in brackets. 

The second part of name includes the root of oxygen with the suffix "–ide"; therefore the name can be written as;METAL(oxidation number) OXIDERemember in name of compound, you must write the symbols of the elements with the oxidation numbers. In the writing of formula of compound; first write the symbol of the first element with the oxidation number in brackets than add the symbol of oxygen with an oxidation number –2.  

Now calculate the fewest atoms of each element to make the compound neutral.These compounds are very useful and widely used in various industries like in electrical and semiconductors. The metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) acts as a transistor and widely used for amplifying or switching electronic signals.MOS has unique design which creates a highly sensitive and responsive semiconductor sensor manufactured for outstanding quality and performance. 

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