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Molar Heat Capacity of Silver

Molar heat capacity of silver represents the amount of thermal energy necessary for altering the temperature of one mole (molar mass) of silver by one unit of temperature. A few definitions and explanations in the subsequent paragraphs will be helpful in understanding its full meaning and significance. 

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Understanding Heat Capacity and Specific HeatThermal energy required to increase the temperature by one unit of the given quantity of a substance is called heat capacity of the given quantity of the particular substance. It is commonly represented by a capital C with a subscript indicating the substance, e.g. CSilver or CAg. Unit of heat capacity is that of thermal energy in the system of units being followed, which is “Joules per Kelvin” in the International System of Units.Specific heat or specific heat capacity is simply the heat capacity of a specific quantity (one unit mass) of a substance. In other words it can also be defined as heat capacity per unit of mass. 

Reference to it as “specific heat” is quite common even though technically it is not scientifically accurate. The specific heat capacity with this definition becomes a measurable physical property of the substance under given conditions of heating.Molar Heat CapacityMolar heat capacity of a substance is defined as the heat capacity of one mole (molecular mass) of the substance. Temperature is defined as a measure of average total kinetic energy of particles in matter in Thermodynamics. Process of heating or rising temperature shows a transfer of thermal energy from regions with a high temperature to regions with lower temperatures. 

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Accumulation of this thermal energy as potential energy in modes of vibration in molecules of solids and kinetic energy in molecules of fluids (liquids and gases) causes what is observed as an increase in temperature of the substance.Molar Heat Capacity of Silver:Molar heat capacity of silver is a measure of the thermal energy consumed in the process of increasing temperature of one molar mass (1 mole of silver = 107.8682g) by one degree Kelvin. Molar heat capacity of silver changes with temperature of silver being subjected to the process of heating or cooling but is generally accepted as 25.35 Joules per mole (per degree Kelvin).