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According to the first law of movement If an item is in the condition of movement or is in the condition of relax ,object will keep be in the same condition until unless some distressing power is used on the item.It indicates that the characteristics of any item is to maintain its condition. So if an item is going towards northern, it will keep shift towards northern until a power is used on the item.

Sir Issac Newton in his guide "PhilosophiƦ Naturalis Principia Mathematica" declares about the concepts of movement which are the relevant to Inertia in his first concept, Speeding and Power in second law, and in the third concept he had written about Action-Reaction trend. 

Principles of movement is usually known as Newton's Regulations of Motion, apart from this there are lot more to know about different Regulations and Principles of Motion, such as round movement, gravitational impact (free drop acceleration), spacial movement of incredible things etc.