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Propertiesof Thermodynamic System

The condition of system changes but its temperature remains constant then isothrml process occurs. It is thermodynamic process and heat transfer into system. The heat has been transferred into system and out of system. Internal Energy, work and heat are depends on system isothermally. 

The speed of transfer of heat is slow and its process of changes property happens slowly. In a system when heat transfers into system then complete system absorb heat energy at constant temperature. Isothrml properties show relationship between work and heat.When internal energy changes of system then it also effects on pressure, volume and amount of work at constant temperature. Isothermal Process Definition in terms of thermodynamic system and it works on equilibrium condition.The isothrml process of gas in compressed system works as gas compressed in piston and its volume decreases and pressure increases at constant temperature. 

When volume decreases then pressure increases and if volume increases then pressure decreases. Volume and pressure are inversely proportional to each other and it also affects on states of matter.Compression and expansion of gas depends on rate of pressure and it maintains constant temperature. Two dimensional graphs of volume and pressure at constant temperature is not linear and in reversible condition pressure and volume also non linear.Isothrml process has also reversible state and its process is also easy in reversible state. If force applied on piston and heat transfers in a system than work done in a system and internal energy decreases. 

If compressed gas happens then work will be negative and if gas expands then work will be positive. Work depends on heat of system, if heat absorb by a system then endothermic process occurs and if heat released from system then exothermic process occurs.Pressure compressed and volume increases and complete process occurs at constant temperature. Isothrml Process can occur in any system from minor to major system. It can be happen in living being also. Isothermal Process Example are define as human has also isothrml process, freezing and melting function and vaporization function all are isothrml at constant temperature. An isothrml tub or bath system used for manufacturing machines and in these system properties of thermodynamic system occurs.Stretching of rubber, freezing of water, boiling of water in tub at open space, functions of refrigerator in single system at constant temperature, freezing of ice in freezer are regular examples of isothrml process.