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4 Types of motion

We know that a running train is in motion, flowing water is in motion is in motion, etc. “When the position of a body with respect to its surroundings, changes with time, the body is said to be in motion”. A body is said to be in state of rest, if it does not change its positon with respect to a stationary position. However, motion is exactly opposite to rest.

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 4 Types of Motion :

 Translatory motion : The motion in which all the particles of a body move through the same distance in the same time is called the motion of a translation. For example A car or a train moving along a road, a ball rolling on the ground, a girl sliding down a slope, pulling out a drawer of the table, firing a bullet from a gun, a stone hurled form a catapult are some of the example of motion of translation. 

  Types of motion

Translatory motion 

 Circular motion :The motion in which a body moves about a fixed axis without changing its position is called the Rotatory motion or Circular motion. For example A spinning wheel or charkha, a spinning top, a potter wheel, a ceiling fan, the earth revolving around the earth.Rotary motion

  Types of motion

 4 Types of Motion : 

 Oscillatory motion : Some objects move as a whole, to and fro or back and forth, along the same path without any change in shape. The motion of such objects is called the oscillatory motion. For example the needle of a sewing machine moving up and down, the piston of a motor car, the pressing cylinder of a juice machine at a fruit seller shop etc all perform oscillatory motion. 

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Vibratory motion : The motion of an object where the moving object undergoes change in shape or size. For example all the musical instruments produce vibratory motion. Even during breathing, when our chest expands or contracts, the motion is vibratory in nature as all the points on the chest do not move out equally.