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Unit of Force

Force is a term in physics which we experience in everyday life many time while pushing a shopping trolley or pulling doors or while hitting something like hitting a nail with a hammer etc. force is just a push pull or hit which is changes state of inertia of an object means which changes the position of a body or stops the body which is moving. Force is also used to change speed of the objects as in cars in which their speed is changed to accelerators and breaks. 

Forces are of two types balanced and unbalanced. Balanced forces are not enough to move a body but unbalance force is needed for that. Balanced forces are those which are applied on an object in opposite directions with same magnitude such that they cannot change the state of inertia of the object. 

Unbalanced forces are those which are applied with different magnitudes in opposite direction and are capable of changing state of inertia of the object. 

Force is rate of change of momentum of a body. Force is given as:F = , here t is time required to change momentum of the body.Momentum = mass * velocityAnother formula for force = mass * acceleration Or F = maF is force, m is mass of body on which force is applied, acceleration of body. 

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Unit of Force can be found out as:Force = maForce due to mass or weight is:F = mg. here g is 9.8 m/s2.Unit of mass is kilograms or kg.Unit of acceleration or g = metre/sec2Therefore unit of force = kg * m * s-2.Kgms-2 is collectively given as newton or just N. newon is also Si Unit of Force .Other Force Units are: atomic unit of force, crinal,dyne, gram force, joule per centimetrekilogram forcekilogram metre per square secondkilopound force newtonN (this is SI unit)ounce force (av.)pound forcepound force foot per inchpoundalslug foot per square secondslug forcefoot 2 inch of mercury (0 °C)foot 2 inch of mercury (16 °C) ton force (long)ton force (metric)ton force (short) 

What Unit is Used to Measure ForceNewton (N) is the mostly used to measure force as it is the SI unit of force, while others units mentioned above can also be used.