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Wavelength Units

WHAT IS VELOCITY?VELOCITY:Velocity is defined as rate of change of position.Velocity is nothing but a speed but it also determines the direction. 

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Thus velocity determines both the speed and its direction.Velocity is a vector quantity.For example velocity can be determined as car traveling 20 meters per second northSpeed is a scalar component.The scalar component of velocity is speed.Velocity is measured in meters per second.We can also express velocity in terms of centimeters per second. 

The rate of change of displacement with respect to time is known as velocity.V="D/T"WhereV is a velocityD is a displacementT is a time.Displacement divided by time is velocity.Velocity can also be determined as wavelength multiplied by frequency. 

What is WavelengthWAVELENGTH:Wavelength is defined as a distance between the points in a wave.Generally distance between the consecutive points of the same phase in the wave.WavelengthWavelength is represented by the (λ) lambda. 

Lambda is a Greek letter which is used to determine the wavelength.Velocity and Wavelength is Related AsVELOCITY AND WAVELENGTH IS RELATED ASWhere (λ) is a wavelengthV is a velocityF is a frequency.Here v is c i.e. velocity ‘v’ is equal to the speed of light ‘c’.Wavelength is measured in meters and it varies from kilometers to Angstrom (A).Wavelength is determined as velocity by frequency. 

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Velocity is directly proportional to wavelength.Higher the velocity, higher the wavelength.Lower the velocity, lower the wavelength.For example When wavelength doubles than velocity also doubles.For example considerIf frequency is 2 Hz andWavelength is 5 meters thenVelocity is:V="5*2" V="10" meters per second.Consider another example:If frequency is 2 Hz andVelocity is 10 meters per second thenWavelength is:λ=10/2λ=5 meters.