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Alkali Metals Reactivity

The emergence of three important industrial developments in the late 1800s and early 1900s would, by demanding material characteristics consistent with the unique qualities of aluminium and its alloys, greatly unique benefit growth in the production and use of a new metal.

Aluminumrequire immense quanlities of light weight conductive and for construction of the towers needed to support the overhead network of cables that deliver electrical energy from sites of power generation andsecondly for automotive material for improving technology. Aluminum is surpassed only by steel in its use as a structural material. The demand of aluminum is continuously increasing due to choice of aluminum alloy, temper and fabrication process.The properties of aluminum and aluminum alloys, which give rise to their widespread application and importance and following important properties are discussed briefly below.

Key properties of Aluminum alloy

  • Aluminum alloys have a high strength to weight ratio.

  • Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

  • Aluminum is highly reflective.

  • Aluminum is nontoxic and is routinely used in containers for food and beverges.

  • Aluminumand aluminum alloys are available in a wide range of strength values, from highly ductile low strength commercially pure aluminum to very tough high strength alloys with ultimate tensile strengths approaching 690 MPa ( 100 ksi ).

  • Importance in the electrical and electronics industries due to non ferromagnetic properties.

  • Ithas an attractive appearence in its natural finish, which can be soft and lustrous or bright and shiny. It can be virtually any color or texture.

  • Aluminum is nonpyrophoric, which is important in applications involving inflammable or explosive material handling or exposure.

  • Aluminum can be formed and fabricated by all commom metal working and joining methods.

  • Aluminum is recyclable. It has substantial scrap value and providing both economic and enviormental benefits.