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Energy Use Conservation

Thesteps taken to reduce energy consumption are referred as Energy conservation. This is achieved by a higher effort on efficient energy usage in combination with lowering of consumption of energy and stress on lowering of consumption of energy from conventional sources. The beneficiaries out of energy conservation are increase in the parameters like Financial capital, Environmental quality, National security, Personal security, Human comfort.

I like to share this conservation of energy equation with you all through my article.

Organizationsand individuals who are direct consumers of energy prefer to conserve energy to trim down energy costs and encourage economic protection. Industries can stress on more efficient usage of energy and thereby capitalize on profit.

Energy Conservation

Animportant element of energy policy is electrical energy conservation. Conservation f energy reduces the consumption of energy and demand of energy per capita. It thus offsets some of the growth in energy supply which is needed to keep up with growth of the population. This reduces the increase in cost of energy and can help in reducing the need for setup of new power plants and importing energy. The demand of reduction inenergy helps in providing more flexibility in selecting the most preferred methods of production of energy.   Conservation of energy facilitates in replacing non-renewable resources with renewable energy. Conservation of energy is the most economical solution to shortage of energy. It is a more environmentally which is alternative to increase inenergy production.

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Energy Conservation issues

1.      Accordingto Jevons Paradox , increase in efficiency of energy makes the use of energy cheaper and encourages increased use and an increase in efficiency of  energy leads to increase in economic growth, which pulls up use of energy in the whole economy. An increase in fuel efficiency enables higher production and higher quality of life.

2.      A government intervention must be paired with efficiency gains that reduces demand.

3.      The use of telecommuting by major corporations helps in conserving energy.

4.      Behaviouralpatterns need to be changed by technology. It should be able to allow users to graphically see the impact their energy use can have in their homes or workplaces.