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Find the Wavelength and Frequency

Wavelength is nothing but the distance between the crest and crest in a wave or the distance between the trough and trough in a wave. 

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Crest is the peak of the wave and trough is the low dip of the wave. It is denoted as the symbol of ?. Its unit angstrom.Frequency is defined as the reciprocal of time that be taken to complete one cycle. It is denoted as the symbol f. Its unit hertz.Formula – Wavelength and Frequency:Formula for frequency:f = 1 / TWhere T is the time of one wave period in seconds and f is the frequency in HZ.Formula – Wavelength:? = v / f? (lambda) = wavelength in feet.V = velocity of propagation in feet per second.f is the frequency in HZ. 

Conversion Formula - Wavelength and Frequency:Conversion of frequency to wavelength:f = v / ?Conversion of wavelength to frequency:? = v / fThese are the formula is used to find the wavelength and frequency.Example Problems for wavelength and Frequency:Example 1:What will be the frequency, the time taken to complete one revolution is 0.9 second?Solution:Formula to find frequency:f = 1/Tf = 1/0.9 = 1.1111 HZ. 

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Example 2:Calculate wavelength of light when the frequency is 115 HZ.Solution:Formula to find Wavelength using frequency:? = v/fGiven: f = 115 HZWe know the velocity of light is constant. That is v = 299,792,458 m/s.? = 299,792,458 / 115 = 2606890.93 secExample 3:The light has a wavelength of 500 m, find the frequency of the light.Solution:The relation between frequency and wavelength is f = v / ?Speed of light = v="3" x 108 m/sWave length = ? = 500 mFormula to find the frequency = f = v / ?= (3 x 108) /500Frequency = 60 x 10 4 Hz