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integrated Circuits

This is a circuit which is also known as tiny electronic circuit. This circuit made up of semiconductor device materials. 

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This circuit is constructed by semiconductor device. Integrated circuits are used in around all electronic equipment now-a-days in electronics. An integrated circuit is denoted as IC. This circuit has variety of integrated devices which are having advantages and at that same time it having few disadvantages.Variety of devices in integrated devices:Let us see about variety of integrated circuits,SSI (small-scale integration): 

 A circuit having only a small number of transistors.It is having upon 100 electronic components per chipMSI (medium-scale integration):The circuits which having hundreds of transistors per chip.LSI (large-scale integration):It is having large number of electronic components like thousand transistors per chip.VLSI (very large-scale integration):It has very large number of electronic elements such as more than one lakh of transistors per chip.ULSI (ultra large-scale integration):It has much large amount of electronic elements just as million of transistors per chip. 

 Advantages of Integrated Circuits:Let us see an advantages of integrated circuits,This circuit is known as micro-circuit used in microprocessor that computes all messages in the computer.It maintains the path of which keys are pressed and while the mouse has been moved.Let us see about advantages of integrated circuits over discrete circuits,1. Cost2. Performance.Cost:Cost is very cheap. Because their chips with components, are written as a unit by photo lithography and not constructed as one transistor at a time.In addition,only very less material is needed to create a circuit for the packaged IC over the discrete circuit. 

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 Performance:Performance is very high since their elements are switch quickly and devour little power. Because the components are small and near mutually.Disadvantages of ICs:An integrated circuits having some disadvantages,Lacks in flexibility.Very low level signals are involved.Parameters of ICs cannot change the performance easily during function.