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Kinetic Theory of Matter in Brownian Motion

The motion is vigorous in all states of aggregation in which the particles of matter can be considered. In statistical mechanical methods, specific physical systems are applied. In terms of appropriate distribution functions, the structure of the atom or molecules is involved in the system. 

The result of deducing the statistical description is whole system. The individual molecules or atoms can be constant in motion. A large number of small particles can be composed to give matter. Let us see about kinetic theory of matter in Brownian motion in this article. 

 Kinetic Theory of Matter in Brownian motionUnder the action of collisions with the surroundings, any particle can be suspended in a gas or liquid. The chaotic motion’s intensity is increased with increase in temperature.Principle of Brownian motion:Any molecule's mean kinetic energy of a liquid or gas can be suspended in this ambience is equal to the particle's mean kinetic energy. 

 Collection of particlesSingle particle of matterA little particle can be batting about a more massive particle. In Brownian motion, number of particles can be subjected to present in a medium, and no preferred directions for the particle to move in random oscillation. Then after long period of time, the particles can be separated and spread all over the medium. 

 Practical Work of Kinetic Theory of Brownian motionThe apparatus of kinetic theory of matter in Brownian motion:Fill the glass cell with smoke using match stick.Apparatus of Kinetic theory of matterReplacing Apparatus:Replacing apparatus by burning match stickReplace the lid by using the apparatus and set the microscope platform. The lamp of 12 V supply can be connected. The glass rod can be acting as a glass rod. It focuses light on the smoke.Specks:Bright specks can be dancing around haphazardly. 

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The reflected light can be used to see the smoke particles. The random motion is said to be kinetic theory of matter in Brownian motion.Fast moving air molecules in the cell can be due to the collisions. A smoke particle is massive one. And it is compared with air molecule it is more high-speed molecules striking one side than the other side at any given instant. If there is any net force, the particle will move in that direction. A direction of net force can be changing rapidly in a random motion.