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Lead Acetate Formula

It is a chemical compound which is crystalline in nature as well as has a sweet taste. It is obtained by the treatment of lead (II) oxide with acetic acid. Besides being soluble in water and glycerine, it is also toxic in nature. Some of the other names for lead (II) acetate is lead diacetate,sugar of lead, salt of saturn etc.

Systematic name : lead (II) ethanoate.

Molecular formula : Pb ( CH3COO )2 ( lead diacetate )

                                   Pb ( CH3COO )( lead tetraacetate ) or ( Plumbic acetate )

Molar mass : 379.33 g / mol ( trihydrate )  ,  325.29 g / mol ( anhydrous )

Representation of lead acetate is shown below:


Use of lead acetate in the oxidative cleavage of allyl alcohols:


Uses of lead acetate :

(1) It is used in cosmetics like men's hair colouring products.

(2) Lead acetate paper is used in the detection of poisonous gases like hydrogen sulfide.

(3) An aqueous solution of lead acetate is used in the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel.

(4) In the early days , lead acetate solution was used as a remedy for sore nipples.

Biological hazards of lead acetate :

(1) Lead acetate can cross the embryo leading to fatal mortality in the human beings.

(2) They also have adverse effects on some of the variety of animal species.