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Magnetic Flux Density

All of us are familiar with a magnet. It is a piece of solid body which possesses a property of attracting iron pieces and pieces of some other metals. This is called a Natural Magnet. While as per the discovery of Scientist Oersted we can have an electromagnet. 

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Scientist Oerstd stated that any current carrying conductor is always surrounded by a magnetic field. The property of such current is called Magnetic effect of an electric current.Magnetic Flux:The total number of lines of force existing in a particular magnetic field is called magnetic flux. Lines of force can be called lines is denoted by symbol(`phi` ). 

The unit weber is denoted as Wb.1 weber = 108 lines of forcePole StrengthWe have seen earlier that force between the poles depends on the pole strengths. As we are now familiar with flux, we can have idea of pole strength. Every pole has a capacity to radiate or accept certain number of magnetic lines of force. i.e., magnetic flux which is called its strength. Pole strength is measurable quantity assigned to poles which depends on the force between the poles. 

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If two poles are exerting equal force on one other, they are said to have equal pole strengths.Unit of pole strength is weber as pole strength is directly related to flux i.e., lines of force.A Unit of pole may be defined as that pole which when placed from an identical pole at a distance of 1 meter in free space experiences a force of 107/16`pi`2newtons.So when we say unit N-pole, it means a pole is having a pole strength of 1 weber.Definition of Magnetic Flux DensityIt can be defined as " The flux per unit area (a) in a plane at right angles to the flux is known as flux density". Mathematically,B = `phi/a` = `(Wb)/(m*m)` or telsamagnetic flux densityThe unit of Flux density is Wb/m2, also called telsa denoted by T.