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Nuclear Fusion Energy

A physical reaction which involves changes in the nucleus of an atom is called a nuclear reaction. The energy released during a nuclear reaction is called Nuclear Energy. It can be obtained by two types of nuclear reactions.1.Nuclear fission2.Nuclear Fusion. 

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 Nuclear Fusion Reaction Energy :The word fusion means to join or to combine. The process in which tow nuclei of light elements combine to form a heavy nucleus, is called nuclear fusion. A tremendous amount of energy is produced during the fusion process. We know that the nuclei of atoms are positively charged. So, when two nuclei are brought together, they repel each other due to their similar charges. Due to this a lot of initial heat energy and high pressure are required to force the lighter nuclei to fuse together to form a bigger nucleus. 

So, the conditions needed for carrying out nuclear fusion process are high temperature and pressure. In other words, the process of nuclear fusion is carried out by heating the lighter atoms to extremely high temperatures under extremely high pressure. There is some loss of mass during the fusion process which appears as a tremendous amount of energy.nuclear_fusionNuclear Fusion Reaction Energy :When the deuterium atom are heated to an extremely high temperature under extremely high pressure, then two deuterium nuclei combine together to form a heavy nucleus of helium, and a neutron is emitted. 

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A tremendous amount of energy is liberated in this fusion reaction.A fusion reaction is just the opposite of fission process. The nuclear fusion energy produced in nuclear fusion reaction is much more than that produced in a nuclear fission. The Nuclear fusion energy produced during nuclear fusion has not been controlled so far. It could not be used for generating electricity. Please note that the nuclear reactions which occur at extremely high temperatures are called “thermonuclear reactions”.