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Nuclear Spin Quantum Number

The central component of the molecule is recognized as nucleus. Its radius is regarding 10-15 meter that is 10-5 part of the radius 10-10 meter of the atom.

The protons in the nucleus group the positive charge with its mass approximately1.0amu. the subdivision like meson are considered to have negligible mass. the total number of protons and neutrons contained in the nucleus is called nucleons.The number of protons indicates the atomic number of the element. 

 Nuclear Quantum number:In an atom the relativer distance of electron from the nucleus type of orbital direction of spin type of information is shown by the number called quantum number. 

nuclear Quantun numbers n,1 and m elove from schrodinger wave equation but the fourth quantum number as a spin quantum number is also essential for the complete describtion of an electron.Nuclear Spin quantum number:When a beam of hydrogen atoms passes through a heterogenous magnetic field it divided into two parts. The molecule of these two contain movement in conflicting way. This kind of dissimilarity is possible on y if some electrons have spin motion in one direction and others have spin motion in opposite direction. 

 Principle of nuclear quantum number (n):The values of this principle quantum numebr are positive integers except zero determines the total energy(En) of an atom and ions cointining one electron. It designate the qualified distances of electrons include dissimilar n standards in multielectron molecule as of nucleus. One can say that an electron having higher value of n is always from a nucleus compared to another electron having a lower value of n in the same atom. Based on the quantum number the energy level.If n="1" we have K orbit or shell n="2" we have L orbit or shelln="3" we have M orbit or shell n="4" we have N orbit or shell. 

 The total number of orbitals in nth energy level is n2 example if the primary quantum numebr of an energy level is 3 there would be (3)2 = 9 orbitals in the level.Angular momentum of nuclear quantum numner (I):The values of this quantum number are related to the values of the principle quantum number n. for any value of n, the values of I are integers from 0 to (n-1). The value of l determines the angular momentum of an electron.