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Properties of Rocks Minerals

Mineralsrocks are one of the naturally obtaining substances. The minerals are formed by the geological process. The minerals are having the physical properties, chemical properties. Rock is not having a proper structure. Mineralogy is used to study about the minerals. Rocks can be formed by using one or more substances which are present in the minerals. The rocks are formed in the earth crust. Rocks are also having three types of classification.

Properties of rocks minerals

The properties of rocks minerals are defined as,

1. Color property

2. Fluorescence property

3. Transparency property

4. Luster property

5. Reflection property

6. Streak property

Explanation for the properties of rocks minerals

The explanation for the properties of rocks minerals are,

Color property:

  • The color of rocks can be mainly due to the light absorption.
  • Thechemical composition of the rocks will allow only a certain compositionwavelengths. Also particular color is responsible for single element.

Fluorescence property:

  • Fluorescence is mainly based on the ultraviolet light emission.
  • Thisis used when, some rocks are put under the ultraviolet ray means, and then the color will visible at some part of the system.

Streak property:

  • Steakis also used to represent the color of the rock. But the color is mentioned in the form of powder.  Also this is very useful in the identification of colored rocks.
  • But the silicate element cannot be made to the powder form, since it is one of the hardest metals.

Reflection and refraction property:

  • Weknow that the light will always moves in the direction of straight line. But in case of rock substances, reflection of light passes to the opposite direction.
  • Refraction of light are also moves in rocks in the direction of opposite.

Luster property:

  • Luster property is mainly used for the representation of the surface of rocks.
  • By using the different composition of the color, the luster made for different types of rocks.

Transparency property:

  • Transparency means there is no color for the representation of rocks.
  • Thismainly based on the chemical structure of the rock. If the rock did notobserve any type of light means, then that rock is transparency rocks.