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Radio Waves


Radiowaves are mainly used  to send the audio, images, and text in the form of radio signals. Marconi and Nikola Tesla are known to be the pioneers in this area of radio. Radios are having long wavelength which allows itto pass the various  obstacles and travel long distances .

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Radiowaves with the wavelength of less than 10 meters are absorbed by the atmosphere. Radio waves were first discovered in 1865 by James Clerk Maxwell who give the equations for electromagnetism which is known as Maxwells equation.

It is the region of the electromagnetic spectrum which are having the longest wavelengths and the lowest frequency. These waves are about 100000 timeslonger than waves of the  visible light.

Dangers to human being:

  • Radiowaves are emitted by wireless and other electronic devices . Anything  that has an antenna or a transmitter emit the radio waves. The rate by which the body absorbs radio waves are measured as the specific absorption rate .
  • There is controversy that radio frequencies emitted from cellphones are safe for humans and the environment or we the people are put at risk by the continuous emission of these waves as well as electromagnetic fields.
  • Whenradio frequencies are very high then it can break down the tissue of the human body and it can also  interfere with the human DNA. But researchers said that emissions from cellphones are small and they do not  pose any danger to huamn.
  • Thereare several dangers such as  insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, limb and joint pain, general weakness and tiredness, cough and sputum, and abnormal blood pressure which the scientist think that it is more prevalent within less than 2 km  of the transmitter.
  • Therisk of death from brain cancer is higher among the cell phone users who hold their cell phones against their heads due to the affect of the radio waves.
  • Radio waves which are emitted from cell phones causes damage to DNA and the cells are affected  that are passed on to the next generation of cells.

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