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Sound Speed in Air

Sound waves can travel through solids, liquids and gases. When an experiment is conducted for sound waves transmission it is observed initially sound travels through air in the bell jar, then through the walls of the bell jar into the air outside and then reaches our ear. When air is removed from the bell jar no sound reaches its wall, therefore, we cannot hear any sound.

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A sound produced ata certain distance reaches us after certain time. This is because the sound travels with a finite velocity in air. However, a sound travels with different velocities in different media. |In general, sound travelsfaster in solids and liquids than in air. For example, the velocity of sound in iron is about 5000 m/s, in water about 1500 m/s and in air about 340m/s.

The velocity of sound in air depends on the following factors.

  1. Itdepends on the temperature. The velocity of sound increases with the increase in temperature. In fact, the velocity of sound is directly proportional to the square root of the absolute temperature.
  2. It depends on the humidity or moisture (water vapors) in air. Increase of humidity in air increases the velocity of sound. Therefore, sound travels faster in moist air than in dry air.
  3. The presence of strong wind affects the velocity of sound. If the wind blows in the direction of propagation of sound, then there is an increase in the velocity of sound.
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Speed of sound waves


However,the velocity of sound in air is independent of the changes in atmospheric pressure. In solids and in liquids the velocity of sound depends on the elasticity and density of the medium.

It should be noted that speed of sound depends only on the medium. For Ex: Sound waves cannot travels in vaccum. It is independent of all other factors. Denser the medium is, lesser  is the speed of  sound.


  Sound waves Shown in Black and white