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Wave Energy Conversion

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I like to share this Period of a Wave with you all through my article.

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 Wave alternative energy:The oceans waves are caused and sustained by winds .winds originate because of unequal heating of earth’s surface by the radiations of the sun. The generating of waves is a continuous process.The amount of kinetic energy generated per second from the waves will be around few million megawattsEnergy can be generated by both renewable and Non renewable energy sources .The waves of the ocean is due to the differential heating of the land masses .These continuous waves are used to generate energy. Waves are generated by the wind flowing over it.In this wave energy conversion the generation of waves energy is transferred from the wind to the waves. Height of the wave generated is determined by the speed of the wind and the depth of the seafloor.In general larger waves are powerful but the strength of the waves can only be determined by the speed of the wave ,wavelength of the wave and the density of the wave. Oscillation of the waves are maximum at the surface but it decreases as the depth increases. 

My forthcoming post is on Buoyancy Equation and Basic Physics Formulas will give you more understanding about Algebra.

Their is a group velocity by which the propagated waves moves on the surface of the ocean. All the waves are propagated on the surface of the oceans.The renewable wave energy can be converted into power with some mechanical arrangement.The oscillating column of the waves are heighest at the surface and get diminish as we go down to the sea floor.wave energy conversion -processWave energy conversion process:Wave power plans are normally categorize by the process used to detain the power of the waves. They are categorized by position and power impersonation system. 

Types are point absorber ,surfacing floating are sloping equivalent to the course of wave circulation; terminator, oriented at a 90 degree angle to the route of wave circulation; oscillating water line; and overtopping.Wave energy conversionLocation is shore, near shore and offshore. Types of power generating arrangements made from wave energies hydraulic pump,hydro turbines , air turbines and electric generators of linear. Some of these designs incorporate as a means of increasing the wave energy at the point of capture. 

These capture system use the go up and fall action of waves to capture energy. Once the wave energy is captured at a wave source, power must be carried to the point of use or to a relationship to the transmitting by power cablesDisadvantages in the wave energy conversion:Wave is a huge source of energy which can be used for the generation of power but the problem is that the total energy is not converted into electrical power. The problems which arise in the process of conversion are as followsFor the production of electricity consistent energy is needed but the waves are not consistent and the power production is also fluctuating.The initial installation cost is very high and cumbersomeMaintenance of the system is highly costly.The efficiency depends on the consistency of the waves