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X Ray Wavelength

X-rays are electromagnetic radiations. These radiations fall between the gamma rays and visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum. 

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These radiations ionize the particles of the medium they pass through. Because of this property, they are hazardous to health. Only x-rays of a specific wavelength can be used for diagnostic purposes under the care of a trained physician.About X ray wavelengthelectromagnetic spectrumX-ray wavelength is between 10 and 0.01 nanometers, which are 10-8 and 10-11 meters. 


The shorter the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, the higher the frequency, and, therefore, energy is higher. The X-rays are emitted by the electrons that are present outside the nucleus.Frequency range for X ray wavelengthTheir frequency range is 30 peta hertz to 30 exahertz (30 x 1015 Hz to 30 x 1018 Hz), and the energies lie in the 120 electron Volt to 120 kilo electron Volt range.The x-rays that are between the 10 to .10nm wavelength are called soft x-rays and the ones from 12 to 120-Kilo electron volt are called as hard x-rays. 

The hard x-rays have better penetrating ability and can penetrate solid objects as compared to the soft x-rays.The hard X-rays are used in taking diagnostic radiography and crystallography images of objects.X-rays are produced using an x-ray tube. X-ray tube is a vacuum tube that accelerates the electrons by applying high voltage. 

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These electrons are released by cathode. When the electrons attain a high velocity, they collide with the anode and create x-rays.Usually molybdenum is used for creating soft x-rays and tungsten is used for hard x-rays. The targets used are made of copper or sometimes an alloy of copper and cobalt.The x-rays wavelengths are detected using the photographic plates and photographic film and sometimes using rare earth screens. The equipment used to detect x-rays is called image receptors.